Get a full Content Marketing strategy for less than it would cost to hire a professional marketer and blogger. The national average for an entry level marketer to produce and manage your content could be $50,000* or more! With the ContentSphere, CopyPress has given you everything you need to drive traffic and conversions today.

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Your ContentSphere package includes:
6 pro level blog posts (~1,000 words each)

Our bloggers are trained and certified in writing blog posts that will drive traffic and social shares
to help you achieve your goals.

2 Curation Promotions

We mix organic curation portal placements on Facebook and Stumbleupon, with paid advertising on these platforms to maximize visibility and traffic.

1 Infographic or Illustration

Content is not just Copy, and great visual content can drive tons of organic traffic, links, and traffic.

4,000 unique visitors and
4,000 social shares

Regular Price: $2,700 Today: $2,399

* Based on national average salary for marketing assistant